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New Image has 4 criteria’s we look for to become a member of this organization


You the person , the vehicle , Probation , voting of our members


In order for a potential member to become a member, he/she has to earn the trust of all the members. If you are brought in by another member, than that members is saying that you are trustful and that you are no threat to our club. You will have to attend 1 meeting and 2 events before the rear sticker are presented to you.


Your vehicle is also as important to the club as you are. Your vehicle represents us 24/7. So we required your car to be clean at all times.


Our probation time is 3 months. Within these 3 months we will determine if you passed our probation period and earn our rear logos and our colors. Once voted in you are required to take a picture for our ID cards which are required for discounts with our sponsors. ID's are renew every New Year. We take pride in our colors and logo. For 18 yrs New Image Auto club Inc has been flying our colors with respect and honor and we intend to keep it this way.


All candidates are required to fill out a New Image Club Application form.


One major requirement of New Image is that a front vinyl in the bottom right corner of the passenger side windshield, displaying the New Image logo or rear logo.


Before acceptance to join, you are required to meet up with the club President and ranks for personal and ride evaluation.


So if you have what it takes to be in our family that has been around for over 18 yrs, just go to our contact page and email us for our meeting dates and chapters. Also go to our application page and filled out all the information required by our organization.






In event of a member being absent from three consecutive events, shows, meeting in a row and not giving a satisfactory reason for absence, the member will be automatically suspended from the club and will be discussed with the team at a meeting.


All vehicles are expected to be clean and maintained up to the vehicles maximum potential. Remember our vehicles represent New Image 24/7 & the club reputation.

Vehicles & members will be re-evaluated and the end of the year pending the New Year membership.


If a member breach the rules & regulation of the club a meeting shall be held to enquired whether a cause for expulsion has arisen or not. In event the member is found guilty of misbehavior or breach of contract, the member will be called before the club to explain his/her reason. If the club feels the reason is not satisfactory he/she will be suspended or be required to resign as a member. Should the member be terminated, they must remove any association with team New Image on their vehicles & or website if applicable. Anything and everything with the logo on it is property of new image auto club Inc.


In the event the President cannot attend the club event, the vice President will be in charged otherwise appointed.


In addition to these rules we have other rules that will be given to you before you sign the applications.


By submitting an application you understand and agree to all the rules above.




Team New Image is committed to maintaining the confidentially of personal information that you provide to us. We will not distribute your information to a second or third parties. We restrict access to all personal information to the team President and or vice president. We team New Image have equal rights & opportunity for all potential members


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